The Civic Committee formed the Task Policy Task Force in the summer of 2015 to examine the fiscal challenges facing the State of Illinois and to propose solutions. The Task Force issued its previous report, Bringing Illinois Back: A Framework for our Future, in May 2017.

This report, Restore Illinois: A Foundation for Growth, is an update and expansion of Bringing Illinois Back and presents the ongoing work of the Task Force to address the State’s financial situation.  

Tax Policy Task Force Members

Larry A. Barden

William J. Brodsky

John A. Canning, Jr.

James S. Crown

Tyrone C. Fahner

Jay Henderson (Chairman)

Robert A. Livingston

Andrew J. McKenna

Michael O’Grady

John W. Rogers, Jr.

Michael Sacks

Jennifer F. Scanlon

Frederick H. Waddell

Kelly R. Welsh

Civic Committee Staff

Mary K. Wagoner, Author

Dea C. Meyer

Kirsten M. Carroll

Martha D. Boudos